Complete Wound Care from Cleansing to Closure


The NovaGran System of Wound Care Products provides optimal healing with minimal products. NovaGran products are designed to support each stage of wound healing and are easy to use for both wound care professionals and caregivers.The NovaGran 3-Step System takes wound healing back to basics.


Since wound management is a multifactorial, multidisciplinary process, clinicians should be armed with the products that support enhanced quality of treatment such as the NovaGran System of Wound Care Products. NovaGran Wound Care Products address bioburden, a deterrent to wound healing, while managing the wound healing environment.* Please ask your representative for samples and to set up an evaluation.


The NovaGran System of Wound Care Products costs less than comparable products on the market. Product savings combined with improved healing times and process efficiencies yield significant cost savings to patients and facilities.

The Problem in Wound Care is


In chronic wounds, the healing process can often be hijacked by biofilm. Research shows that biofilm exists in ALL chronic wounds.

The pernicious presence of biofilm in chronic, non-healing wounds triggers an unregulated, innate immune response. The result is an immune feedback loop that can be described as a local-level immune disorder at the wound site characterized by:

• A constant influx of white blood cells (namely neutrophils)

• High levels of proteases · wound bed degradation

• High levels of inflammatory cytokines · chronic inflammation

The Solution is the

NovaGran 3-Step System

Step 1: Prepare (click for more)

Prepare the wound bed for healing by using NovaGran Antimicrobial Wound Solution with hypochlorous acid (HOCl) – a natural component of the human immune response. In-vitro studies show disruption of biofilm with non-cytotoxic HOCl.

Step 2: Remediate (click for more)

Continue biofilm/bacteria remediation using NovaGran Hydroconductive Dressings, or NovaGran Blue Plus – ongoing antimicrobial effects are safe and non-cytotoxic.


Step 3: Manage (click for more)

Manage the wound bed environment by maintaining moisture balance using appropriate NovaGran Hydroconductive Dressings, NovaGran Blue Plus, NovaGran Calcium Alginate Dressings, and Silicone Foam Island and Foam Dressings.

Complete Wound Care “From Cleansing to Closure™”