SEA Change disrupts traditional wound care treatment

Outdated wound care treatments continue to fall short when it comes to healing chronic wounds, leaving clinicians and patients financially frustrated and drained. This is a result of traditional treatment methods that are not equipped to fight against biofilm, a slimy layer that shields millions of bacteria found in all chronic wounds.

When biofilm is present it promotes an unregulated, innate immune response that creates an immune feedback loop that can be described as a local-level immune disorder characterized by:

  • A constant influx of white blood cells (namely neutrophils),
  • High levels of proteases (wound bed degradation), and
  • High levels of inflammatory cytokines (chronic inflammation).

To tackle this issue caused by biofilm, NovaGran has developed a SEA Change (a Simple, Effective, and Affordable) approach that simplifies the wound healing process, enhances the quality of treatment, and yields significant cost savings by using products that are designed to support each stage of wound healing.

The SEA Change approach can be broken down into a 3-step system featuring:

The NovaGran 3-Step System helps tackle challenging chronic wounds by bringing wound healing back to basics.

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