Wound Management

Promote Healing with Absorbent Dressings…

NovaGran Hydroconductive Dressings and Ropes

• Absorbs and removes excessive exudate

• Draws out harmful MMP’s

• Facilitates removal of wound debris and bacteria

• Pure white color of dressing helps distinguish between dry and moist dressings

NovaGran Hydroconductive Dressings are multi-layered dressings carefully constructed with Smart Transfer Technology (STT)™, a blend of proprietary fibers that support excellent wound bed preparation and fluid management. Smart Transfer Technology™ is unique to NovaGran Hydroconductive Dressings and uses a combination of capillary, hydroconductive and electrostatic properties to quickly absorb and effectively transfer large amounts of wound fluids up and out of the wound bed.  In heavily exuding wounds, STT™ will transfer wound fluids to additional dressing layers. Harmful wound components such as MMP’s, bacteria (infection), wound debris and slough are also removed with the wound fluid.  Newly granulating tissue is left unharmed.

NovaGran Hydroconductive Dressings and Ropes can be used on the following wounds:

• Acute wounds, such as complex surgical wounds

• Moderate to heavily draining wounds

• Pressure ulcers (stages 2-4)

• Lower Extremity Ulcers

• Full or Partial Thickness Wounds

• Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DLU)

• 1st & 2nd degree burns

• Venous Leg Ulcers (VLU)

Item #Product SizeHCPCPackaging
1550RopesA61991 box of 5 dressings
15524x4A61961 box of 10 dressings
15534x5A61971 box of 10 dressings
NovaGran Hydroconductive Dressings

Complete Wound Care “From Cleansing to Closure™”

Complimentary samples are available for medical professionals to evaluate the NovaGran System of Wound Care Products, and experience the SEA Change. During the evaluation, we will partner with you by providing samples and support materials for one or more patients until the conclusion of the evaluation (trial). Contact us today!