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For more evidence of how the NovaGran System of Wound Care Products offers a Simple, Effective, and Affordable change to wound care, browse through the clinical proof below.

Zorflex® Carbon Cloth Dressings – Clinical Resources

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“Reducing infection in chronic leg ulcers with an activated carbon cloth dressing” – EFFECTIVE

Abstract: This article describes 4 case studies in which patients with recalcitrant chronic venous leg ulcers that were prone to recurrent infection were treated with the activated carbon cloth dressing. All of the wounds had failed to respond to antimicrobial dressings containing silver, iodine or polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB), and were heavily exuding and painful. In all cases, the signs of infection reduced significantly within 4 weeks, resulting in good patient outcomes.

“Using High Definition Ultrasound to assess the healing rate associated with Long Fibre Carbon Dressings” – EFFECTIVE

“Although LFAC (Long Fibre Activated Carbon) has been used in wound care for many years its complete value in healing had never been established. The aim of this study was to demonstrate the benefits of LFAC through the use of High Definition Ultrasound in addition to standard clinical data. Conclusion – This data backs the clinical findings that showed patients experience and LFAC demonstrated strong ability to reduce significant associated pain and malodor, effectively cleaning the wound and allowed healing over 7 to 14 days. Within the first week most wounds showed a visually improved surface, with healthier tissue, less non-viable tissue present. 100% wounds healed with LFAC within the 5 week period

“A Retrospective study to evaluate the effect on an activated carbon dressing on chronic wounds. – EFFECTIVE

“A clinical evaluation was undertaken on 22 subjects with 25 chronic wounds that had been non-healing for a minimum of 5 weeks prior to commencement of evaluation. The wounds all healed 100% in between three weeks and 12 week period. Clinic 2 is ongoing, but the wounds that were evaluated with Zorflex all healed within the same period as clinic 1. Pain reduction was also seen during the evaluation.

Clinical Focus Document – Zorflex® VB-K Antimicrobial Wound Dressings – SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE       

“This paper examines how antimicrobial Zorflex® VB-K wound contact dressings combat bacterial infection to accelerate the wound healing process and improve healing outcomes. Zorflex VB-K uses van der Waals attractive forces that entrap and kill pathogens, without having to incorporate additional chemical agents into the dressing textile. Clinically proven acceleration of wound healing across various wound types. Inherently antimicrobial dressing – no chemically active substances. Easy to cut into shape, to apply and remove.”

An Evaluation of the Zorflex® carbon fiber dressing in managing bacterial load and aiding healing of chronic wounds – SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE

“In this evaluation, Zorflex® demonstrated a strong ability to lessen and change the bacterial loading and this reduced associated pain, malodor, and effectively ‘cleaned’ the wound bed to allow healing to occur over 7 to 14 days of use. This makes Zorflex an extremely exciting product that would be a cost effective method of treating colonized and infected wounds, as it would appear to have the ability to change a static wound environment to one which is conducive to healing.”

A link to reducing the stink – Use of a unique carbon based textile dressing Zorflex® to promote healing while significantly reducing wound odor in diabetic and venous ulcers

“Odor molecules are drawn into the cloth and inactivated. Zorflex, unlike granular activated carbons, is also suitable for use in applications where there is increased moisture as its adsorption capacity is less adversely affected by moisture. The effect of Zorflex on wound bacteria contributes to improved healing through the inactivation of bacteria present as well as reducing associated wound odor.”

Zorflexions – Issue 12

Adsorption versus absorption, and Zorflex® triple action – What is the difference between adsorbent Zorflex dressings and absorbent dressings?

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