Wound Remediation

Create Favorable Conditions for Healing by Reducing Wound Bioburden …

Zorflex® Antimicrobial Carbon Cloth Dressings

Antimicrobial dressings play an important role in reducing wound bioburden by killing bacteria. Some of the most common examples use silver, honey or iodine as antiseptic agents, while others contain polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB). In contrast with conventional antimicrobial dressings, Zorflex provides the following advantages:

• Carbon derived from a natural source

• Naturally antimicrobial and contains no antiseptic agents

• Works by aDsorbing bacteria and other pathogens onto dressing surface

• Exhibits NO donation of chemical agents OR fibers to wound bed

• Exhibits NO systemic absorption

• Kills microorganisms at dressing surface which are then removed with each dressing change

• Non-cytotoxic / completely safe to use

3-Way Action

1. Naturally Antimicrobial  2. Conductive*  3. Odor Management

aDsorption vs aBsorption

ADsorption is key to the way that Zorflex works as a naturally antimicrobial dressing. Electrostatic forces called van der Waals forces on the Zorflex surface attract microbes on to the surface, trapping and killing them there. This process effectively “cleans” the wound bed, creating favorable conditions for healing.

Zorflex is indicated as an antimicrobial dressing over dry or discharging partial and full thickness wounds. Zorflex is suitable for surgical sites, fungating carcinomas, pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, burns and donor / recipient graft sites. Zorflex can be left on the wound for up to 7 days, or as clinically indicated.

Treat as long as required.

* Because carbon is a naturally conductive material, the dressing restores the electrical field over the wound bed and reconnects the edges of the wound as it completes the electrical circuit. 

Item #Product SizeHCPCPackaging
16002x2A62061 box of 10 dressings
16012x2A620614 boxes of 10 (140 dressings)
16024x4A62061 box of 10 dressings
16034x4A620610 boxes of 10 (100 dressings)
16044x8A62071 box of 10 dressings
16054x8A620710 boxes of 10 (100 dressings)
16066x10A62081 box of 10 dressings
16076x10A62085 boxes of 10 (50 dressings)
Zorflex Package