Wound Management

Promote Healing with Absorbent Dressings…

NovaGran Calcium Alginate Dressings

• Nonwoven, absorbent dressings

• Keeps wound bed moist, promotes healing

• Use on wounds with moderate to heavy drainage

• Safe to use on infected wounds

• Absorbs heavy exudate

NovaGran Calcium Alginate Dressings (CAD) are sterile, non-woven wound dressings which are highly absorbent and conformable when moist. As wound exudate is absorbed the alginate forms a gel, which assists in maintaining a moist environment for optimal wound healing, facilitates autolytic debridement, and allows intact removal. NovaGran CAD are indicated for the management of moderately to highly exuding chronic wounds and acute wounds, and to control minor bleeding in superficial wounds. NovaGran CAD can be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional on infected wounds or wounds in which there is an increased risk of infection.

Item #Product SizeHCPCPackaging
15204x5A619710 boxes of 10 (100 dressings)
15214x8A619710 boxes of 10 (100 dressings)
15224x5A61971 box of 10 dressings
15234x8A61971 box of 10 dressings

Complete Wound Care “From Cleansing to Closure™”

Complimentary samples are available for medical professionals to evaluate the NovaGran System of Wound Care Products, and experience the SEA Change. During the evaluation, we will partner with you by providing samples and support materials for one or more patients until the conclusion of the evaluation (trial). Contact us today!